Visata has worked on a projects with Big Data components. We have developed software and systems that help our customers collect, analyze, store and share their Big Data. Our developers are highly skilled at creating custom data processing applications that can handle large complex data and can analyze trends and correlations behind those large data sets.

Hardware and Firmware

Option: Visata’s hardware team can seamlessly tie together the key deliverables for creating a fully-integrated and reliable product — from hardware requirements specification and modeling to component selection to prototyping and debugging. Our hardware design team working closely with software engineers on developing and integrating electronic components, as well as firmware technologies and software systems.

Web/Mobile Applications

Visata has been developing cutting-edge web applications for our customers. We can help you with all your web application needs, be it to redesign an existing website or to develop a multi-tiered web application from scratch. Our developers are proficient in all technologies needed to develop robust, scalable and beautifully designed applications or websites.


We design, configure and implement CRM systems that are full custom. Our solutions can help you record customer interactions, understand your sales pipelines, measure your marketing campaign effectiveness, and manage customer service requests. Visata can provide you an integrated, 360-degree view of your customers.

Software Optimization

Optimization improves the efficiency of your business processes: reduce average execution time, it allows you to increase the competitiveness of your product and business. With our vast technological profile, we can improve performance of application on almost any platform. Our computing experience allows us to enhance applications with multi-core computing, clustering and GPU acceleration.

Smart systems

Our smart systems team offers services where integration, big data, multi-channel smart services and decentralised energy (including the interplay between electricity, gas and heat) are the key focus areas. We help our clients understand the bigger picture; including the opportunities and risks that might be on offer; and the new value propositions that could be developed for future smart energy systems.

Visata can design, specify and build bespoke software for smart energy system modelling, evaluation and business case assessment. We can also help you to commercialize it, and manage the software and your clients’ interests.